Forty years ago a young man with a masters degree in Agriculture in his pocket set out for Sri Lanka to be employed in a well established and reputable foreign company the same nationality as his. Born in 1922, the son of a well-known paediatrician of his day, he was never in want and need never have left his homeland, but the spirit of adventure that compelled some people to leave their country and go to another urged him on. Little did he know then that he would carve out for himself a niche in the progress of this country, namely in the field of wildlife and nature conservation.

By Douglas B. Ranasinghe

Botanical Illustrations by Thilo W. Hoffmann

Printed and bound in Sri Lanka by Gunaratne Offset

Published in 2015 by A. Baur & Co.

The Faithful Foreigner

Thilo Hoffmann, The Man Who Saved Sinharaja

Hardcover w/ colour foiling + map insert

french fold dust jacket

8.5” (H) x 11.3” (W)

512 pages.