The history of a company and its century-long impact on Sri Lanka, interpreted as a book of black and white landscape photography. The orientation of the book allowed large scale reproduction of the mainly horizontal-format images. We opted for and were encouraged to use luxurious materials including a custom dyed lambskin cover and endpapers made of Japanese rice paper. Achieving the detailed gold tooling on the cover required extensive testing and proved to be one of the greatest challenges of the project. The black and white images were reproduced as duotone prints using offset lithography with production taking place across four countries. Design motifs were influenced by traditional Sri Lankan engraving and sculpture. Published as a limited edition of 750 copies that were not made available commercially.

Published in 2008
By Sinharaja Tammita-Delgoda

Photography by Devaka Seneviratne

Printed by Tien Wah Press PTE Ltd.

Tobacco, Agriculture and the Land

A History of the Ceylon Tobacco Company

8.5” (H) x 11.3” (W)
320 Pages