Richard Leslie Brohier, O.B.E., was one of the foremost commentators on Sri Lanka during the latter half of the 20th Century. His seminal works on the Veddah population, the Uva Rebellion and the ancient irrigation systems of the dryzone are still required reading in their respective fields. First published in 1938, re-printed in 1958 and 1982 the manuscript of Brohier’s original book was expanded for this edition by his daughter Deloraine Brohier. The revisions include images of paintings by J.L.K. Van Dort as well a new version of the Dutch text, re-written for a contemporary readership by Christian van Krimpen. This bilingual book contains 20 full-colour illustrations and 7 plates by Lionel Wendt, between a cloth-bound hardcover featuring a UV-varnished line drawing by Barbara Sansoni of the facade of the church. The endpapers were crafted in-house, inspired by the decorative elements in the church.  

By Richard Leslie Brohier

Photographs by lionel wendt

Printed by Neptune Publications

Published in 2010

De Wolvendaalsche Kerk

Time, Like an Ever-Rolling Stream  

Hardcover w/ spot varnish

French fold dust-jacket
9” (H) x 8.8” (W)
64 Pages