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Established in 2019 to formalize a network of creative professionals from the tropical island of Sri Lanka, FOLD pairs contemporary tools and frameworks with traditional principles of design and visual communication. 

Publicity Design

We help individuals, businesses and cultural organizations create visibility and awareness for their brands and projects. Our well-vetted network of designers, illustrators, photographers and web developers take pride in creating efficient and effective design solutions suitable for the digital age.  

Books & Catalogues

With over a decade of professional experience in the frequently overlooked art of long-form design, we have overseen the design and layout of multiple  publications in a variety of formats. From special edition art books and plush commemorative volumes to festival guides and catalogues.

Web Design 

With digital representation becoming increasingly important in today’s post-pandemic world, a strong online presence is now more vital than ever. We create responsive, custom-designed websites for a variety of clients ranging from online retailers and artisanal craftspeople to record labels and art festivals.


We work with a variety of creative institutions as well as artists, musicians and technologists to create immersive sensory experiences ranging from interactive art installations and virtual/augmented reality live performances to audio-reactive visuals and generative animation.

Video Production

The contemporary media landscape has become increasingly focused on video content in response to changes in social media traffic & media consumption habits. We provide a variety of production services including editing, cinematography, storyboarding, colour-grading, and equipment rental.

Sound Design

We undertake commissions for musical scores, soundtracks and other audio productions as well as providing on-site sound recordists for field recordings. We also carry out audio post-production work including mixing, mastering and audio clean-up.

Selected Work 

Publishing Houses

Raking Leaves Publishing
Sri Serendipity Publishing House

Pereira Hussein Publishing House

Hybrid Media


Rockland Distilleries
The Ceylon Tobacco Company

A. Baur & Co
Dunstan Surfwear
John Keells Holdings
Akbar Brothers

Arts & Culture Festivals

Colombo Art Biennale (2011)
Galle Literary Festival (2008-2009)
Jaffna Music Festival (2011)
Cinnammon Colomboscope (2017)
Pettah Interchange (2012-2016)

Magnetic Fields Festival (2017)

Music Platforms

Jambutek Recordings

Border Movement

Tide Selekta

Flightplan Events

The Blueprint

Wind Horse Records

Qilla Records


The Chamber Music Society

Theatre Companies

Floating Spaces

Mind Adventures 


Sarah Kabir

Prof. Arjuna Medagama

Ernest Macintyre

Richard Boyle

Marie-Alles Fernando

Packiyanathan Ahilan


The Goethe Institut

The Cathal-Ryan Trust
Wolvendaal Foundation
Saskia Fernando Gallery
The Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA)

The Berghoff Foundation 

Swiss-Austrian Red Cross

International Alert
UN Development Programme 

Sunethra Bandaranaike Trust
Center For Policy Alternatives (CPA)
Yuti Magazine
Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCL)

Agenda 14

GIZ Sri Lanka

The Geoffrey Bawa Trust

Women and Media Collective

French Embassy Colombo

Empathy & Risk


Narni Studio

Balmond Studio

Botanic Hues


Sapphirus Lanka

Self & Store

Café Kumbuk

d.light inc.

Resplendent Ceylon

Monkey Mind

Sapphirus Lanka

Salty Swamis


Sunny Island


Oyanna Collective

Dunstan Surfwear

Exotic Roots


We are a multidisciplinary

collective of designers,

audio-visual artists and


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