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Sub_Sequence 2018

Held in December 2018, the second edition of Sub_Sequence took the form of an experimental eight-day artist residency that assembled an experienced group of visual technologists from India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka, to develop new ideas, exchange knowledge and realize immersive experiences in collaboration with musicians, artists and technologists from Sri Lanka.

Sub_Sequence 2017

Showcasing the lush, dub infused compositions of Asvajit Boyle and Nigel Perera. Accompanied by Isaac Smith on the mighty double-bass and the experimental sonic textures of Dinelka Liyanage.  Sequenced light patterns, generative visuals and the work of visual artist, Muvindu Binoy, controlled and modulated live by Lalindra Amarasekara. Supported by the Goethe-Institut.

Pettah Interchange 2016

Pettah Interchange is a celebration of alternative music, art and culture, that has taken place annually since 2012 in abandoned urban spaces in Colombo. Initiated by the Goethe-Institut and its electronic music web-platform Border Movement. This edition took place in an abandoned colonial building that has stood for over 100 years in the heart of Colombo, The Transworks House. 

Magnetic Fields 2018

Stage visuals curated and performed at the 3-day contemporary music and arts festival in Rajasthan, India


COLOMBOSCOPE is a contemporary arts festival and creative platform for interdisciplinary dialogue that has grown steadily within the cultural landscape of Colombo since 2013.

The festival has worked with a range of intergenerational artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, social theorists and scientific researchers from Sri Lanka and internationally delivering a focused programme with each festival edition held at key historic sites in Colombo.


The INTERFACE project envisions a hypothetical operating system designed for creative collaboration. The system serves as a framework for live audio-visual performances encompassing generative visuals, creative coding, and original electronic music.