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Nigel Perera is a Sri Lankan based DJ, producer and audio-visual artist. Being first exposed to the emerging electronic music scene in Colombo in 2012, he started refining his sound experimenting with a mix of styles, blurring the lines between straight up house/techno jams to more laid-back breaks with influences from Hip-hop, Jazz, Funk and Dub. 


Nigel currently works as the A&R Manager for the local imprint, Jambutek Recordings, scouting new artists as well as facilitating music workshops and performances. Having released his first vinyl release on Jambutek in 2021 amongst numerous digital releases up to date he has also been signed on labels such as Blind Vision Records (UK), Frucht (DE), FuFu Records (CN), spclnch (NL), Deep Base Records (AR) &  Wind Horse Records (IN).


As an audio-visual artist and creative director of the multidisciplinary design studio Fold Media, Nigel has been involved in numerous A/V installations and live performances such as Magnetic Fields (IN), Sub_Sequence (LK) & Colomboscope (LK). 

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